It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been in a technique class. I thought I had all I needed from my previous training and neglected on-going training. Boy was I wrong. All the people who told me I needed to stay in class…well, you guys were right. My confidence has shot up through the roof. It’s crazy how much it does shoot up after just watching even beginners do repetition. The first class, I just did rep and afterwards, found out I had a guest star audition the next day. All I have to say is that I had never felt so confident and relaxed at the CD office. I even killed the audition (Callback/Pinned). The take away from it: LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. That’s the key to the lock of opening yourself up. Thanks Sanford. And just that one tiny beginners class (cause that’s where everyone has to start) gave me that boost. So to all you folks out there that think you’re too good for class (like I used to think), get in one if you want extra confidence.


Pinned. That word can bring so much joy. It means they like you. They might even love you but not enough to fully book you. I think the worst part of it all is the waiting. Every time the phone dings or rings, my heart skips a beat. DID I GET IT?! Nope…just your monthly AMEX statement. Well perfecttttt, I’ll just go back to watching Netflix. That’s pretty much how this year has started. But hey! I couldn’t be happier. At least I made a fan of the CD, right? At least there’s the excitement of the possibility.

Like how I’m writing this to make myself feel better?